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Lady Vixen's Attic ©

Welcome to the Attic

A little dusty in here.If you will notice there are some old borders in the Corner. There are some other odds and ends laying around near the window. I have also set some up on the Shelf, and there are some other ones packed in that Box. There are also some Angels borders just lying around, as well as, Tiles and Borders

If you decide you like any of them, E-Mail me and let me know. I will try to make you some buttons to go along with them.

Be Careful! There is an open exit to Where.html and you should watch your step.
I have created a trilogy of sites, which include:Elsewhere, Otherwhere, and the third edition is Neverwhere

If you decide to visit these sites, you should already have a taste for the unusual. Be forewarned, that once you embark, you may not return.


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