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Becoming a Cobbler @ Lady Vixen's ©

Mimarack becomes a cobbler

After much preparation, I began carving wooden signs to let all the other elves know I was open for business. Under the THOD creed, the elves of the Forest of Tari did not recieve wages for work, but instead used a system of bartering. Before I had learned to be a cobbler, I had traded nuts and berries and such for things I needed. But now I would traded mended and new shoes for these things myself.

I have placed the signs near the entrance of my workshop, and the front of the road as well as the crossroad where Spawlet leads away from Timber Glen and towards Rivital. I have attended a town meeting for residens of Spawlet, and let everyone know that my workshop will be open. On returning home I spent a quiet evening thinking of Poltoy and the time we spent repairing his home and all he has taught me. I am eternally grateful.

On rising I will not open the workshop just yet, as I have awhile before the other elves will be out and about. I decide to go into the workshop and make a new pair of shoes, these will be for Poltoy. I think this is appropriate.

As I pick up the little leather carving too, I stretch a piece of leather over the shoe mold. The tools are easy to use. It feels as if I am holding quick silver. I find myself shaping the shoe with ease, and it feels as if I have been doing this for quite sometime. In no time the shoes are finished and I placed them in one of the small wooden crates that Poltoy gave me to store my supplies. I can almost hear him saying "use the tools to do good for others". I plan to give him the shoes on his return to Spawlet, which is only 9 days away. I shall have a grand feast for him, on his return.

I open the workshop doors for the first time, and look out into the forest.
I see several elves milling about collecting berries and branches. Tonight is the chestnut roast, and there will be much celebrating. I had planned to attend, but with the preparations of the workshop I have not had the chance to collect berries or branches. I am ashamed to miss this, as Tari has planned a grand time.

As I was daydreaming a young elf approaches. "Hail, and well met" he says.
"How are you"? I ask.
"Grand!, tonight is the chestnut roast." he replies.
He shows me a small tear in the sole of his shoe and asks if I can mend it for him.
"Indeed, it will be a short time, if you would like to wait" I explain.
In no time the shoe is mended. He then gratefully gives me a cart full of berries and branches.
Word is travelling fast, and 3 more elves appear with similiar tears and holes in their shoes.They too give me carts of berries and branches, and go on about their gathering.It is nearly lunch time, so I decide to gather some nuts and berries, for lunch. It is difficult to find any since the other elves have been gathering all morning.
I rest briefly under a large mushroom, and decide to just eat the nuts that are laying around and have some nectar from a daffodil. I notice in the clearing that several elves are enjoying their lunch and playing together. I wish I could join them, but alas, no time for that.

After returning to my shop, there is an elder elf waiting. He seems weary. I approach him and ask if there is anything I can do for him. He shoes me his worn shoes, and asks if I can fix them. After inspecting them, I let him know that I cannot repair them since they are so tattered. However, I offer to make him a new pair.
He explains that he hasn't anything to barter with for a new pair of shoes.
"Well, sir I will trade you the new shoes for the old ones."
"What do you want with these old shoes, you said that they cannot be mended" he replies.
"Indeed sir, they cannot be, but you need new ones, and some day when you have something to barter with you can come back and we will work it out then" I tell him.
The elder elf is so pleased. In no time I have his new shoes ready, and he is most grateful..
"You work so quickly" said the elder elf.
I did not mention the tools, but wished him well on his way.
After he had gone I placed the old shoes on a shelf and began to clean up.The rest of the day went pretty much the same, and I now had 12 carts worth of berries and branches, and even some nuts.

Afer storing most of the berries and branches, I loaded up my own cart to prepare for the chestnut roast. What a grand day!

*Note: these writings are continued on a regular basis

© by:Lana Stanford and L.C. White

The Chestnut Roast

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