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Elves at Rivital by Lady Vixen ©

Elves at Rivital

Pronounced "re-vit-el"

Part one: Outline

To understand the existence of elves is to expand your mind beyond the normal every day realm of thinking. If one only believes what they see, hear, taste, touch, or smell than you have not only short changed yourself, but your very being. You are able to imagine. And Imagination takes us places we might not have been able to visit. Come and join with me in my journey with the Eleven King: Ipswitch!

Let it be said that Ipswitch was a powerful, dictator of all the elves in his forest. He ruled his troops with a strong hand, and a firm belief in working hard. Ipswitch was the governor of all of "Netherwood" where he rose to power and was now the highest ruler in all the forests. Some of the minor forests include: Timber Glen, Auberdale, and Woodsdale. The Major forests include Netherwood, and Riversend. These are the 2 forests of note, and Ipswitch knew just what he was doing when he befriended all the elves of Timber Glen, Auberdale, and Woodsdale.
However, there was a time when Riversend was ruled by a wonderful Elf named Tari(pronounced "tay-ree"). She was the ruler, but being a female Ipswitch felt slighted. He felt as if he were the only true ruler that could bring the elves to greater heights than ever before. Tari, was mild mannered and peaceful. She ruled Riversend as if it were a paradise. She treated all of the elves the same, and had no armies to speak of. Only the volunteers and there were few. For there was no need for volunteers, there was no war. There was serenity, and bliss.
And Ipswitch felt the forests were not growing at the pace he desired so he overthrew Riversend by convincing the elves of the minor forests that Tari could not be trusted. On one meeting of the elves Ipswitch spoke: "Gather around dear friends and neighbors. It is time for a change. We must be able to defend ourselves from any outside attacks from the Garus or the black midgeons. There has been rumor that they will come into our peaceful land and force us into slavery. We must do something now to save our forest from doom. Join with me, and let us take over Riversend, so that all of the forests here will be saved." The Netherwood elves shouted loudly: "Indeed sire, we shall take over Riversend"! And in a mass confusion, all of the elves, save a few loyal subjects to Tari, seiged upon Riversend forcing Tari to flee for her life!

This brings us up to date, and at the present time. Ipswitch and his followers have conquered the 5 forests and with relative ease. It is Ipswitch's plan to build a solid army of elves to seek out the Garus, and the Black Midgeons. Ipswitch feels the power of being the ruler. He has changed over these past months, from a ruler to a tyrant. He forces the elves to sleep at random hours so that work is not interrupted, and feeds them very little. He supplies the armies with weapons for attack, and has deluded them into thinking they could defeat the Garus, and the Black Midgeons.

The Garus are originally outcasts from the forest of Dweller, but Dweller fell many years ago to the Reign of "Spawlet".
Rivital is a huge complex forest with inner workings that even Ipswitch doesn't know about. The Garus are allowed to work and earn wages there, under the strict order that they spend their wages there. Otherwise they are banished from Rivital forever. Spawlet is a small shadow of what it once was. Sort of like the Fall of the Roman Empire. There is much turmoil between the Garus, and the Black midgeons. The black midgeons are stronger and more powerful than the Garus, and also more resourceful. It is said that a Black Midgeon bow to no king, other than his own! This causes much upheaval from time to time. For many queens and kings have passed through Rivital, and the black midgeons refuse to respect the royalty of the other forests. The turmoil doesn't last long, however since Rivital is feared now and not many visitors approach.

Part two Ipswitch has other plans


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