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Tari by Lady Vixen ©

Part 5.. Tari


Just in the twinkling of an eye, Tari stared at Twi-tow and Natala. She could hardly believe her eyes. Here her beloved friends had come to visit her. And they were bowing to her, in her radiance. "Dear friends" said Tari. "Please come inside". With an awe they hadn't expected Twi-tow and Natala went inside Tari's beautiful dome. "It is an unexpected pleasure to see you," said Tari.
"Same here, Tari." replied both Twi-tow and Natala. They sat and talked for awhile. Twi- tow and Natala told Tari of Ipswitch's plan, and of Benbo, and Suri Mimarack, and the other elves waiting in the forest just outside Rivital. Tari summoned many elves to go and bring the others to her. She explained the change that had come over Rivital. It seems that after her arrival in Rivital she was captured by then ruler "Katos"(pronounced:"Kay-tOs") but soon after Katos fell ill, and died. The citizens of Rivital were in astonishment, and had no idea of how Rivital should be taken care of. Tari had introduced the citizens of Rivital to her own system of peace and harmony. She called it Tari's Harmony of dwelling" which is now referred to as THOD.

The citizens, became intermingled with each other. There was no fighting for leadership, it was a world of serene beauty. The visitors to Rivital were now looked upon as guests, and not threats. The visitors were welcomed into this new world, and not shunned. After she explained the essence of THOD, there was a knock on the door. It was several elves of Rivital with Suri, and Benbo, Mimarack, and the others in tow. The elves were so pleased to have been brought to Tari, that they wept openly. Tari embraced them, and told them of her plan.

"Tonight, you shall return to the forests and remain there in Riversend. You shall stay there, until I approach the forests with many elves from Rivital. We shall capture Ipswitch and bring him to a far away place where all the evil elves are banished." Tari explained. The other elves gasped, having heard of this place. It is called "Indelib Island". There are many evil elves there, and fear among many elf tribes runs rampant with rumors of their escape. And so it was, the elves of Riversend, set out to go home. But before leaving, Tari, gave them a pink bauble, of which to hold tightly if they were frightened before she arrived.

Part 6 Returning home

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