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Returning home by Lady Vixen ©

Part 6 Returning home.

Suri and Benbo,Mimarack , were still in shock since their meeting with Tari. It seemed but a dream.
They had no idea, that going to Rivital would reunite them with their dear friend Tari. What a wonderful surprise, but all too suddenly they were back in Riversend, and without Tari. They became frightened, and clasped their pink baubles, as she had said to do. It seemed odd, as they clutched the baubles, they were not frightened, and they became sure that Tari would rescue them, and have Ipswitch sent away to Indelib Island. Out of no-where Ipswitch appeared! "It is a treasonous day! You have betrayed me! You shall be banished forever from these forests, and you shall die alone in the wilderness!" shouted Ipswitch. And with that, the elves were whisked away, by many elves from Netherwood, and locked up alone in a small dark cave. The cave was barred with heavy rocks and piles of wood. They were given nothing to eat or drink. The elves clasped their baubles, and thought of Tari. They thought of her promise to come and get them, and they thought of how to escape. They whispered into the night, and decided that they must try to free themselves lest Tari not know where they were held. All of the elves formed a line, and pushed with every bit of strength they could muster against the rocks and piles of wood. But to no avail. They couldn't even budge the blockade. They became tired, and soon fell asleep. They awoke after a fitful night, to the sound of singing. A song, a distant song could be heard from the forest. It was the voice of Tari, and many elves chanting together, singing the song of THOD.

"Oh glorious day,
with sunshine and dew
what a morning to awake,
and find elves born anew."

Twi-tow and Natala, and all the other elves rejoiced in the song. They began singing it and dancing around the cave. But then, they stopped. They realized that no-one was coming to the cave to rescue them. What would they do?

Part 7 Elves and their new home!

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