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Border Background Tutorial
HI, again!
This is a short tutorial on how to set up your bordered backgrounds.
First let's start with the most common mistake that most people make when using borders.
Most people do not add the "table tags" in order to have the text aligned correctly. When using a border background, it is best to set a table tag so that the text on your page doesn't run into the border. If you allow the text to run into your border, you are not being fair to your viewers because it can be unreadable.
The Text should be aligned to the RIGHT of the border.
To do this set your table tag like this:
*NOTE. Replace all of the ( ) tags with the standard < > tags.
(HTML)(BODY)(BODY BACKGROUND="filename.jpg or .gif")(table width=75% align=right)(TR)(TD)Add your text here, and any graphics or midis you might want to include as well as links.
Then close all of your tags like this:
*NOTE. Replace all the ( ) tags with the standard < > tags!
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