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An illness strikes by Lady Vixen ©

An illness strikes

Illness has struck within Auberdale. It is widely rumored that the berries Poltoy ate were tainted with poison. Several other elves have fallen ill. According to the Elven book of cures, Elven kind do not fall ill unless poisoned or from natural causes like old age.
The tainted berries have only turned up in Auberdale. Word has been sent to Tari. There are several elves that practice the art of healing.
One such elf is named Remin. (pronounced Re-Men). Remin lives in Woodsdale. He is the closest elven healer to be called upon. Most of the other healers are in Rivital. There are some in Netherwood and Riversend though. There are none in Spawlet, and none in Auberdale. When word arrived in Woodsdale, Remin and several of his helpers started a long journey.
They set out to find any elves within the forests of Woodsdale, Auberdale, and Spawlet that have fallen ill from the poisoned berries. There are 2 healers in Timber Glen, and they will continue to take care of possible illness in that area. From what we know of Poltoy's illness it strikes very suddenly. It doesn't give much warning, and it causes elves to become very weak, lasting many days. Remin and his troop find several cases of illness in Auberdale.
Their sickness seems to be spreading. Tari has sent word that she will call upon a very dear friend of hers from another forest. The forest of Dunmiten (pronounced Done-mitt-en). It is a very large forest that is located to the east of the forests of Tari. The Elven King Winmor, is to be called by Tari to help with the illness. They have known each other for many years.
Winmor arrives in Rivital very soon, and brings many supplies. He sets up a laboratory in Tari's home. Winmor is working on an elixir that will prevent the other elves from falling ill. This will not cure the ones that have already gotten the illness but it will help to control the illness. The elven healers will help to heal the ones that are already sick. Remin sends some of the tainted berries back to Tari for Winmore to study.
Tari sends word to all the elves, through a beautiful white dove, named Masali. She has had him for many years. Masali also sends and delivers small packages. Winmor has discovered that the poison is not known to the forests of Tari. He also finds that the poison is not known to any forest in the entire region. It is from an water source that he does not recognize. Word has been sent that the elixir is complete and that all the elves must take the elixir, in order to prevent the spread of the illness. Winmor is very concerned about the origin of the poison, and how it came to these forests.
Many elves begin discussing this new information. Natala is chosen to direct each forest in selecting a place to meet so that the elixir can be given out. Groups of elves from within each forest are given the elixer and after 2 days it is administered to every elf. Remin and his troop have treated many elves so far, and will continue to do so until all of the elves are well again. Poltoy and I talk about how fortunate we all are that we have this kind of help in our forests.
Efforts are under way to trace the origin of the poison. Winmore has sent word to Dunmiten that there is unknown origins of the poison, and he has also sent some of the elixir in case of an outbreak there. He will set out on a journey to find the origin and Tari will accompany him. Twi-tow will be left in charge while Tari is away. There will be several other elves to assist him. Tari and Winmor are going to the seasides of many forests to test the waters there. Their journey may take quite a long time, and we will all miss Tari. We are asked to be patient and to help one another. She has also sent word that this year we will not have our Frolic in the leaves festival, due to the illness. Most elves are saddened and concerned with this news. And so Tari and Winmor set out. We are all hopeful that they will find the origin soon.

© by: Lana Stanford and L.C. White

Tari and Winmor set out..

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