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My Journey

The Journey
By: L.C. White

Inchly finchly rhythm and light
strange are the creatures that roam the night.
Darkness and shadows surround you now
and the stillness is frightening your very brow.
How you wish the moon would take shape,
and then maybe you could find an escape.
From the blackness that makes your heart pound
and the silence is the loudest sound.
for the night has a thousand eyes,
and all that is heard now are painful cries
Cries of terror and of the unknown
Chilling your being to the very bone.
Where is the faith that you once were shown?
Faith from the winglet and the torsy which you need,
they have gone now, they are a dying breed.
Poor critchly has now left your side
and gone to the great far and wide.
where all the good fairies like to roam
and all the elves now call home.
And the clam no longer speaks
for he lives together with the freaks..
Of the sea.

The sea which once was a marvelous place
has now all but been erased,
the salty sea and sandy shore,
the waves come lapping nevermore.
And now you search for the light you miss
and wonder will there only be death to kiss.
IF the sun could just break through the night
and bring on it's wonderful light,
you would feel as if there was a hope
instead of the loosely dangling rope.
Of the end which now awaits
with chains so tight and guarded gates.
Where are you Critchly?
you boorish snob!
I need you now,
before they rob,
Rob me of my very soul
and take over my mind
and run away
and leave me blind
With no-one and no place to hide
Oh dear, Critchly how I tried.
to get away from here
and recapture the fun
but now it seems hopeless
the day seems done.
I must make the best
of what I have become
with an inner prison
do deaf and so dumb.
But it seems so lost
with an unearthly cost,
of freedom for which I've longed
who is this mad man that I have wronged?
I have no choice now,
I must press on
for some sort of light
before all hope is gone.
I need of drink of wibbly now
and to ride along with the striped cow
I find over there the crimson tree
and underneath that vile of tea.
I drink it down
and look around
and then it has started
I have now departed
On my Journey!

Part 2 : My Journey
I now get high
and begin to fly
up to the sky
but don't ask me why
I don't want to die,
or even cry
I just look you in the eye
and say good-bye
Preparing for the trip
I take a sip
and board the ship
and give the man a tip.
The man said "Let's go!"
for I will show
you how to grow
from head to toe
I've been blessed
with the very best
above the rest
he had on his crest.
On the crest
Of my journey
I am an attorney
with a very strong case
I can now embrace
the laws of old
I am no longer told
what to do
by the select few
who think they are right
and put up an ugly fight
for the selfish rules
that break walls in schools.
But here is no grief
and we have captured the theif
and beseech of the big chief
to give us all relief.
I make the rules
and run the schools
and have all the tools
and hold all the fuels
for the rest of the Journey.

The Voyage
The tour guide
has never denied
a stop along the way
you can simply say
"Let's dock here"
and he does so with cheer
just to buy a beer
and have peppermints near.
And then back to the sea
where we are finally free
and everybody loves to see
how happy we'll be.
The bon-bon tree and the frilly bee
and the man in the moon
and the dish and the spoon
They are all here.
There is the cat
the one with the hat
and the little talking bat
hear them chit chat.
And I love the door mouse
and the tiny gingerbread house.
oh, and of course
the yellow spotted horse
with eyes of deep green
you'll know what I mean,
when you see him!
You'll meet all of them
Oh, Hello Myrtle!
you are wearing a girdle
such a marvelous turtle
and oh so fertile.
You are a true friend
until the very end
Of Time!
Thought out in rhyme
and now I hear the chime
and I feel so sublime
by this passage taken
so unforsaken
by the rest of the crowd
with voices loud
I must return home
but certainly not alone
I have the memories
of men and mice
and all that is nice
This time I'll go twice
as far!
But not by car
But only by sea
there's much to see
and lots to share
I'll be seeing you there.
In harmony!
Where there's peace on Earth
come witness a rebirth
of all God's creatures
who are loving teachers.
of life and love
found only above
In the skies of blue
I bid you a fond adieu!
Until part two
Of my Journey!
To be continued...
© by L.C. White