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New Sets by Lady Vixen

New Sets

Here are some of the new sets that I have created.
Feel free to browse around, and select something you like.
If you decide you like something take it with you. Remember to download onto your own hard drive, and select "save as" so that you can upload it to your site later.
Use my logo below to link back and give credit, as agreed upon in my terms.

The URL is


  • Fruit Set
  • Cute winter scene.
  • Poinsetta Set A Christmas set.
  • Chess Set
  • Snowman Set A Christmas set.
  • Sunflower SetCan be used for fall.
  • Bell Set A Christmas set.
  • Candy Cane Set Christmas set.
  • Pansy set Can be used for spring or Easter.
  • Easter Bird Set
  • Clover SetCan be used for St. Patrick's Day.
  • High Heels Set
  • Romantic LipsCan be used for Valentine's Day.
  • Light House set
  • Old Rose Set
  • Crystal Orb Set
  • Special Scare SetCan be used for Halloween.
  • Mardi Gras set
  • Mardi Gras set 2
  • Tiger Set A sexy lady with a tiger.
  • Angel Set
  • Angel set 2
  • Victorian Couple Set
  • Mermaid Set
  • Lace Set
  • Rose Set
  • Angel Set
  • Elf set
  • Elf set 2
  • Fairy Set
  • Fairy set 2
  • Fairy Set 3
  • Flowers in Basket set
  • Mice Set
  • Shell set
  • Shell set 2

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