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In our society today, one would think that superstitious ways would be a thing of the past. That is so far from the truth, that no matter how far you run, you will never meet anyone who hasn't at least HEARD of a superstition..Try it sometime, you will be amazed. However, new ones do arise, every day, that they become so common, we barely notice them at times. Once you understand why supersitions are used in our society, you will begin to understand the reasonings behind them. Many cultures, and lifestyles have contributed to the "Superstition" list, and as you will see, they are quite diverse!

Step on a crack, break your mother's back....

Probably the most common one known, especially to younger children.

Itchy ear, someone's talking about you;
itchy nose, you'll kiss a fool;
Itchy right palm, you'll meet someone new;
Itchy left palm, money's coming,
Itchy feet, you're on your way somewhere.

It's bad luck to walk under a ladder.
It's bad luck to have a black cat cross your path.

Carrying a rabbit's foot in our pockets
bringing a stick of coal to a friend's home. New Year's day
putting a penny in our shoe
carrying a piece of jade or tiger's eye
Eating Cabbage
Eating black-eyed peas.

A burning face means that someone is thinking of you.

A itching on the back of your neck indicates that you will meet with some failure.

A low sloping forehead identifies the possessor as a moron.

Dimple in the cheek/ Mild, gentle and meek.

Dimple in the chin/ Devil within.

If the back of your neck itches, you will receive a shock.

If two persons accidentally bump heads with one another, they will be together next year at the same time.

Never use warm water on your face and you will not have any wrinkles.

People with high foreheads are very intelligent.

Placing quicksilver on your head will bring you bad luck.

Sleeping with your head raised high will give you wrinkles.

To have good luck, rub your hands on a black man's head.

Wrinkles can be prevented by eating ten or twelve dried prunes daily.

Where in the world, one wonders, did these ideas begin.
It is widely belived that voo-doo came from Africa,
with a version of it, coming from India.
However, there is no proof as to where superstions least not yet.
When someone says something that
sounds a little "off" and calls it a superstition, i
t would well be a fear, or a believed fear.

Try this:
Next time, you hear of someone talking about superstitions,
ask them where they heard it.
Most people respond, by saying:
from a parent, or relative, and in some cases friends.
Basically you must understand the response indicates that it was "heard",
and not seen, or just imagined.
It is a rather strange belief, that our society has adopted.
Where To???

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