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Unless otherwise stated, this web site and its contents are Copyright 1998 by: Lana Stanford.

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These graphics are © by Lana Stanford. They have been created for public use by Lana Stanford.

It is my intention to share these graphics with you, for your personal use, without charge. The only requirement is a link back to my site giving me credit for the backgrounds.
You may not alter, re-distribute, reproduce, or use them in any other sets.
Under the Information act of fairness, I must advise you that if you are using my graphics without the required link back, I have taken steps to track your downloads from this site, and I will come to your site, and verify that you are giving me a credit.
IF I find that you are not giving me a proper credit, or you are using my graphics in an illegal way, such as selling them, re-distributing them, altering them, or claiming them as your own, I will post your name on a seperate page, as a thief! If you do not understand the word theif, than please look it up!! You will be notified in writing of your illegality, and asked to remove the graphics. The next step will be legal action, and this is not something you will enjoy!
I have an attorney on retainer, and I have no problem with the copyright laws. So be honest, and just give credit where credit is due!

Thank you!

¨ Lana Stanford *All rights Reserved. For any questions or comments, just drop me an E-Mail.