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All the elves have a new life by Lady Vixen ©

Part 7..All the elves and their new home.

After much conversation about how Tari would find them, and if anyone was left to tell them, where they were held, the rocks and wood piles started to crumble. As if in a blink of an eye, the blockade vanished. The cave was open, and the sunlight beamed in. The elves began to flee from the cave with a sense of rebirth. They rushed outside, and they beheld the most beautiful sight. Tari standing before them, arms stretched wide, and smiling. "Come, come and rejoice in our new world." Tari whispered. All is bright here, Ipswitch is gone forever, and with him a dozen of his evil followers. The elves of Rivital, Riversend, Timber Glen, Auberdale, Woodsdale, and even Netherwood had gathered around the cave awaiting the freedom of Twi-tow, Natala, Benbo,Mimarack, and Suri and all the other elves that had saved them and preserved their forest. "Let it be decreed that this day, is a day of rejoicing. That this is a celebration day, for tonight is the first night of Moonfest, and we shall all celebrate together! The elves were overcome with joy.
They began to sing:
Oh, Tari, with her delicate face,
her shining eyes, and eloquent grace,
her kindness and her heart of gold,
brought us peace, as she foretold.
Tari, our dear friend......

And so it was, the elves of Rivital became one with those of Riversend, Netherwood, Auberdale, Woodsdale, and Timber Glen. They formed a new allegiance and called themselves the "Elves of Tari". And you can find them, if you believe. Believe that good will prevail, and that no matter the cost faith is vital.
The End



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