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Here you will find my short story about elves, an elven poem, the THOD Creed, Ode to Tari, Mimarack's writings and travels, as well as links to other great sites, and some Fairytales as well.


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magic flowerUnderstanding Elves Introduction, start here!
magic flowerElves @ Rivital My short story.
© 1998 by:Lana Stanford and L.C. White
and has been published in several local newspapers, and magazine.
*All Rights Reserved.

magic flowerElven Poem
© 1998,by:Lana Stanford & L.C.White

*All Rights Reserved

magic flowerTHOD
© 1998 by: Lana Stanford & L.C. White

magic flowerOde to Tari
© by Lana Stanford and L.C. White
*All Rights Reserved

magic flowerMimarack's writings and travels An ongoing log of Elven adventure!
© 1998 by: Lana Stanford & L.C. White
*All Rights Reserved

magic flowerThe Elves fall ill.
© 1998 by: Lana Stanford & L.C. White
*All Rights Reserved
Other Writings
© 1998 by: L.C. White
*All Rights Reserved

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By the Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Anderson:
[Thumbelina][Shoemaker and the Elves][Tom Thumb]

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