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Elf Links & more!

Elf Links & more!

Here are some links I have discovered while surfing the web.
I hope you enjoy them.

  • Elven Kingdom
  • The Elves
  • Elven Court
  • Elves A neat site to visit.
  • Dragons and More This site has lots of info, not only about elves.
  • Faeries, Elves and Whatnot Another great site with more than just elves.
  • Wood Elves All about Wood Elves
  • ! ! ! Elves Dedication Pages ! ! ! This is the must see page! Includes graphics some of which I have used.
  • Elven Tree Town
  • House of Elves
  • Cottingley Glen
  • Vales of Wizards
  • The Elf Clubhouse at Santa's Secret Village A really cute site.
  • Howling Rock, an Elfquest Page
  • Elf Quest The official site of Elf Quest!
  • Cantanella's Mystic Dreams Very nice site here
  • About Evles
  • Save the Elves
  • Elves and more This is another must see site!
  • Faerie Lore and Literature Though, not an elf site, there is a poem about an Ancient Elf, and there is much more to do and see, don't miss this one!
  • Darcee's Fairy Garden A nice site to visit!
  • The Waking World Interesting!
  • The Faerie Realms
  • Tir Nan Og
  • The Eldar
  • Welcome to Lavendise - vale of the fae (fairies, fairie, faery, fay, far
  • Encyclopedia Mythica: Home
  • Fantasy Age
  • Welcome to Elvenlore
  • Otherkin Gazette This is an interesting site, and enjoyable reading.
  • The Tree Leaves' Folk Fellowship
  • The Silverdale Chronicles

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