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Fall Festival by Lady Vixen ©

We arrive in Timber Glen, in the late afternoon. Poltoy and I head straight to the Twilight Clearing. We meet with some of the other elves, most are from Timber Glen and Spawlet. Many elves are gathering and drifting in from all the other forests of Tari. Poltoy and I have a casual conversation, and then he asks me a question. "Mimarack, how would you feel if I were really your father"?
"Oh, Poltoy that would be wonderful" I say with a smile. Poltoy seems pleased with this answer. Just then Twi-tow and Natala appear. They chat with us awhile and then ask to speak with me alone. We talk of the time when I used to live in Riversend, and how they miss me. I told them that it was grand to be back in Spawlet. I also tell them of how Spawlet has grown. Although it is not what it once was, before it fell to Dweller, it is much better than just a few years ago.
Everyone is mingling around now. I turn to look for Poltoy, but I cannot find him. Hmmmm where could he be?

Twi-tow and Natala are organizing the activities for now. Tari will be here tomorrow to begin the Fall Festival.

We prepare for tomorrow until dusk and then settle down for a nice visit. We catch up on what has happened over the past few months. I still cannot find Poltoy, and I am growing concerned. We eat lightly this evening and sit around the fire. We fall asleep thinking of tomorrow.

We awake with sunrise.

What a glorious day. The air is misty, and dew shines on the beautiful leaves. We start to set the berries and nuts out. Several elves are busy building a fire.
Mulberry tea is brewing. Soon Tari arrives. All the elves gather around as Tari greets us. She looks radiant. Tari announces the days activities. "Fellow Elven brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. This is one of our grandest celebrations. I have several activities planned. First we hear from Elven elders, who have traveled from Woodsdale to share experiences. You will be divided into smaller groups so that there are many elves from all the forests. This will give everyone a chance to reacquaint yourselves with the Elven kin which you do not get to see often. Next, we will have a modest lunch with some special walnut crumpets, and cinnamon tea. Then onto the games. We will play Timber toes, round about, and hide and seek. Then we prepare for this evening's meal, and our special guest speaker. Afterwards we shall dance and sing, and listen to stories by a special group of Elven Elders. We will also be presenting each of you with a pouch filled with magic crystals. And announce the winner of the Amethyst award.

*Note: Timer toes, is a game played with sticks. The elves put small sticks between their toes, and try to flip them and catch them. The winner is decided by the elf that drops the stick the least number of times.
Round about, is played with hoops and sticks. The elf that can stand the hoop up with the stick and roll it around the most, without letting if fall wins.
Hide and seek, a simple game, but in this case, the last elf to be found is the winner.

After we have our morning meal, we break up into groups, with our Elven Elders They encouraged us to keep diaries and logs. They handed out parchment and asked us to fill it with writings. It is important for our future generations, and all young elves.
I sat next to an elf named Lalori. She looked like a dream.
She told me she was from Rivital and I told her about my work as a cobbler. Just then Poltoy appeared. "Poltoy, where have you been" ? I asked.
"Oh here and there" he said with a smile on his face. He told me how much he was enjoying the Fall Festival. He did not give many details, but seemed in especially good spirits. He was one of the Elder Elves giving advice this morning.

We all gathered around for our afternoon meal. The berries were especially sweet, and so many different kinds. It was delicious. We also enjoyed the cinnamon tea.
After we had eaten, we began our games. Again we divided into smaller groups with an Elven Elder overseeing each group. First we played timer toes, I am pretty good at this one. Then we played hide and seek, and finally round about. This is a really fun game, especially watching the other elves trying to keep their hoops upright. The prizes will be given out this evening. It is late afternoon now, and we prepare for an evening of fun.

The food is set out and we dine on toasted pumpkin seeds from miniature pumpkins grown in Rivital.
We also have roasted bits of squash, with rosemary. The smell of elderberry wine fills the air, as we fill our tiny goblets.For desert we have roasted almonds with honey, and apple cider.
After our delicious meal, several elves begin to play harps, flutes and mandolins. We sing songs. Some old and some new.

The elves of Tari
are merry ones you see
dancing , prancing, heal to toe
singing clapping to and fro.
Under the beautiful harvest moon
with the sound of music sweet
We dance around in a ring,
With lively little feet.

We all gather around Tari now, as she is ready to give out the prizes. There are 3 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes, in category of games. The first prizes are A collection of Elven crafted pottery from Riversend Elven Pottery shoppe. This is a true treasure. The second prizes are hand stitched Elven suits, from the tailor's shoppe, in Timber Glen, and the third prizes, I am especially proud of a new pair of boots, created by me!

The purple amethyst went to Twi-tow. I think it was his bravery during Ipswitch's reign. Most of the elves nominated him.

Then Tari asked several elves to help hand out our pouches of crystals. As we opened the pouches, they were filled with beautiful crystals. We were so amazed, and delighted to have received them.

It was now time for the guest speaker. Tari asked everyone to have a period of quiet now, so that we may listen to him. "Poltoy" she said "would you come up and join me now".
My eyes widened with awe. Poltoy was the guest speaker. This was quite a surprise, he had not mentioned a thing to me. I realized just then, that is why I could not find him for a bit.
Poltoy arose, and carried his scroll, and joined Tari. "Thank you Tari for this great honor" he said with a bow.
Poltoy began by saying that over the past months his life had been changed. A change for the better. The meeting of a good friend. He told of the adventures that we shared with his new friend, who had become a son to him. He told of his talk with Tari and now it was time to tell me.
"Mimarack, would you come now and join us here" he said with such joy.
My knees trembled as I walked to join Poltoy and Tari.
With them standing on either side of me he continued. "It has been decreed by Tari that I may adopt you Mimarack, and make you my son, officially. My eyes were filled with tears. I was overcome with emotions of joy and could not speak. Poltoy, unrolled the scroll, and Tari signed it. Poltoy continued " It is a most glorious day today, you have made me the happiest of all the elves, Mimarack" his eyes were filled with tears now.
"Poltoy, it is I that is the happiest of all the elves, thank you" was all I could muster. I broke into sobs. Poltoy put his arm around me and said let us join our Elven brethern and enjoy the rest of the Fall Festival. With that the other elves stood and cheered, and clapped. Tari stated to sing and we all joined in:
Merrily we dance today,
over here and over there
'Neath a harvest moon so bright
Autumn is in the air!

Our gala lasted into the night. I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. It was the most wonderful Fall Festival of all! I am going to treasure this time forever.

© by: Lana Stanford and L.C. White

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