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Understanding Elves by Lady Vixen ©

look for the elven kindUnderstanding ElvesLittle Elves abound!

Snicker Snee, an ELF I see

Hiding ElvesShhh, don't scare the Elves

The spirit of the elves
blows quietly through the trees
their magic and mirth is felt
with every gently breeze.

The forests are alive
where Elven kind do dwell
and if you spot one of them
you must never tell.

The treasures of the forests
are quite a sight to behold
For mystery and fantasy
are little bits of gold.

The Elven kind inhabit this realm
and hard as ye may try,
mortals sometimes frighten elves,
as they are really very shy.

Tiny mushrooms nestled 'round
all the hills and dales
Kindly little elven folks
cast shadows on the trails

A misty shaded forest,
is home to Elven Kith
and many tales of folklore
are simply not a myth.

Underneath old oak trees
with roots of knotted wood
There is a shy little elf,
and I finally understood.

Oh glorious enchantment
now fills this secret land
So If you wonder where to look,
just let me take your hand.

Learn the Elven culture
and all the Elven lore
for once you enter in this realm,
you'll be changed forevermore.

Shhhh! Shh, enter quietly Enter here!

© by: Lana Stanford and L.C. White

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