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Ode to Tari

Ode to Tari

On this day, we, all the elven folks of the forests of Tari, including the sub- forests of Rivital, Riversend, Netherwood, Auberdale, Woodsdale, and Timber Glen, hereby decree that this is officially the Day of Tari. We shall meet each time on this day, and begin festivies for our celebration at Auk, in the the main hall. We shall not work on this day, and shall eat drink and be merry. We will include singing and dancing and shall mark our calendars for the celebration. We uphold the THOD creed, with much joy. We shall adhere to the THOD creed, and to Queen Tari's wishes. Let it be decreed that this is the official seal of Tari. Each Elf in the Forests of Tari, shall recieve the official seal of Tari. Let us honor this seal, and keep it forever.
For all generations to come.