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Tari's Harmony of Dwelling

To dwell among the other inhabitants of our land, and the lands of others, with a sense of understanding and respect. To accept all creatures great and small and only evil do we reject. To honor the labourors of our land, to keep the peace and lend a hand. To bring to those that are in need, and any hungry mouth do feed. To endure and press onward even if we are weary, and to smile at others lest they be dreary. United in Elfin creed beyond all others, and always help our sisters and brothers.

This is the creed of Tari, and shall be set forth and enacted by Tari and all the citizens of the Forests of Tari, including: Rivital, Netherwood, Riversend, Auberdale, Woodsdale, and Timber Glen. And for future generations to come.

Elven Queen,

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