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The Chestnut Roast @ Lady Vixen's ©

The Chestnut Roast

As I made my way to the Broader clearing, I noticed a beautiful full moon. I could hear the hoot of an owl up in the forest trees.

Tari had decided that as part of moonfest this month we should have the chestnut roast as well. I was very excited about being able to make it. As I approached the clearing, I thought I must be late, as it seemed everyone was already there. Just on approaching the festivies, Tari appeared, and all the other elves turned to me, and said "Greetings, and well met".
"Mimarack has arrived".
The elves were standing around cheering and clapping. I was amazed at this sight. I had not the slightest clue that the chestnut roast was in my honor. Tari explained that she had sent some of the elves to my shoppe with berries and branches to insue that I would come to the festivies. She wanted to make a formal announcement that I had opened my shoppe. Although there was another cobbler in Rivital it was far from Spawlet, Auberdale, and Timber glen. Only the elves from Woodsdale, Netherwood, and Riversend, travelled to Rivital. I felt most honored. I asked if she had sent the elder elf, and she replied that she had not. She didn't know the elder elf, and was curious.

The Festivies were getting under way now, and the sound of beautiful music was heard from many harps, and mandolins.
Mulberry tea was brewing and the smell of sweet nectar filled our goblets. Roasted chestnuts and fresh hucklberries were set out for all to enjoy. I joined in song with my fellow elven brethern.

Twilly and twinkle
elven toes
dance of merriment
as the full moon glows.

Skip to song
with rhythm tonight
fathoms of fun
on this glorious night.

A curtsey here,
and a bow over there
Laughter and harmony
is in the air.

The Elven Dance of Enchantment

Feet as light as feathers
toes so agile and free
kick your heels high now,
and dance in harmony.

Several elven elders told stories by the firelight. Stories of yore. One of the elders told of the enchanted sea, and another spoke of an olde favourite, Magical Forest. We listened with awe.

The mulberry tea was served, with tiny mint sprigs. We munched on roasted chestnuts, and sweet plum cakes. It was a grand evening.

After the celebration, Tari asked for a moment of quiet for an announcement.
"To all my wonderful elven kin, I am pleased to announce the coming of Autumn. I have a special surprise this year. With the falling of the leaves I shall hide a secret golden chest filled with jewels, and golden baubles. I will help you with clues, but you must find it on your own. And that is not all. I also have a magical purple amulet to be given away to one special elf. Please consider all of your brethern for this special reward. It will be given out the elf that recieves the most nominations. As you know, our Autumn banquet is going to be a special one this year We will have a special speaker and everyone will recieve a pouch filled with tiny mystical crystals. It is for all of you as a special gift from me" she concluded.
All of the elves cheered with joy, and were very gleeful. I was still so excited that on my walk home, I chatted with several old friends about Tari's announcements. Although I was saddened not to see Poltoy. He did not attend. I hope to see him soon.

© by:Lana Stanford and L.C.White

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