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Mimarack's Experiences by Lady Vixen ©

Mimarack's Experiences

After weeks of mending shoes, and crafting new ones and making friends I am staring to worry about Poltoy. I have not heard from him, in quite sometime, and he did not return after one month as he had said.
On this day, I set out to go to Auberdale, and check on Poltoy. I pack the shoes that I have made for him.
My trip there is uneventful, and I arrive in the late afternoon. I knock on Poltoy's door, but no one answers. I try the knob and it is unlocked. I enter and quietly call out to Poltoy. But no answers. "Poltoy, are you here" I say a little louder. There is a faint murmur coming from the other room, so I go in to see what it is.
I find Poltoy lying on the bed, cluthing the pink bauble that I had given him.
"Poltoy, are you ok"? I ask. He is very week, and cannot speak.
I rush outside, and draw some cool water from the well. He drinks it slowly, and still is unable to speak. I run back outside, and gather some berries for him, but he refuses to eat them. I must insist, and I keep on urging him to eat. He reluctantly eats the berries. I wipe his brow with a cool cloth, and sit with him, until he is able to speak.
"Mimarack, I am not well" he says faintly.
He explains that he has taken ill, from a bad batch of elderberries that he found while walking one day. He didn't know how to reach me, and was too weak to make the trip.
"I will stay with you until you are better" I explain. "You shall come back with me to Spawlet", I tell him adamantly. Poltoy doesn't argue, as he is still too weak.
I stay with him, for several days, feeding him, and keeping him comfortable. I am very sad by the fact that Poltoy has taken ill, and continue to worry. I cannot find any remedy for this, so I try some tea on occasion. If only I had the elven book of cures, that would make it easier. I must find that book.
Poltoy spoke very softly and said that he used to have an Elven book of Cures, but that he had not seen it in sometime. I decided to look for it. I checked all of the book shelves, and noticed an old trunk sitting behind a closet door. I asked Poltoy if he would mind me looking inside the trunk. He nodded his approval.
After rummaging through the trunk, I found a scroll, and an old book. They were both very dusty. I took them out of the trunk and sat down next to Poltoy. I first opened the scroll, and it was hard to read. I asked Poltoy about the unusual writings, and he said it was a scroll from the reign of King Auberdale. He had held onto it, for many years, and didn't know why. Just a keepsake he said. I rolled the scroll up, and set it aside.
I then looked closer at the book. It was the Elven book of Cures. I leapt up from my chair, and said this is it! I began reading the book, and trying to find a cure for poison berries. I came to the section of the book, that said "what to do when eating poisonous foods."
Reading on: First, gather 1/2 cup sweet nectar from daffodils. Crack two small acorns, and add only the meats. Then stir gently, add some bark from a wisteria tree, and simmer on low for 10 minutes. Give the elixir to the ill one, slowly. Making sure that they drink it all.
And then place an amethyst stone under the pillow of the ill one, and have them sleep soundly all night. In the morning the posion shall have left the body!.
"This is it!" I exclaimed. I hurried out the door, to find a daffodil, acorns, and wisteria tree. I began looking around Poltoy's house for the acorns, and I found them easily.
I saw a patch of daffodils close by, so I plucked 2 of them just to be sure.
But on looking for the wisteria branch I began to have trouble. I couldn't find one. I started to panic.
Just then, as if Tari had brought it to me herself, I spotted one further into the forest behind poltoy's house. I grabbed a twig from the tree and pulled hard. I thought the one branch to be enough.
Back inside I made the elixir as the book had said. I poured it into a small cup, and brought it to Poltoy.
"Poltoy, you must drink the elixir, I have got to go and find an amethyst, to put under your pillow" I said in a panicked voice. Poltoy sat up and drank the elixir slowly, and laid back down, with exhaustion.
I asked him if he knew where I could find an amethyst stone, and he said there was another elder elf, further into the forest, and he might have one. He did mining for awhile, and might still have one on hand.
I rushed out of the door, and into the forest. It was getting dark now, and I did not know where to go.
I sat down by a small mushroom, and thought for a minute. In the moonlight, I could see a shimmering, glow beneath the mushroom. There was an amethyst stone! I could hardly believe it. I knew then that Tari was watching over us, and sent the stone to me. I grabbed it up, and ran back to Poltoy's home. When I arrived he was fast asleep. I gently lifted his head up, and placed the amethyst stone under his pillow. I then sat down in the chair and began to look at the Elven book of Cures. It was most interesting. I found some paper, and began writing of my journey.
I will take Poltoy with me back to Spawlet, when he is able to travel. I will not take no for an answer. I can only hope now that the cure works, as I have no idea what I would do if I lost Poltoy. Just then I remembered the shoes I had made for him. I had not even told him about them, nor of my experiences as a cobbler, or about the Chestnut Roast.
I decided that we will have much to talk about when he is better. I fall asleep, waiting for that moment.

© by: Lana Stanford and L.C.White

Poltoy recovers

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