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Arriving in Rivital by Lady Vixen ©

Part 3...Arriving in Rivital

The elves arrived in Rivital with the break of day. They had traveled many miles in the night, and were in need of food and water. They began to think better of having made the journey. "Twi-Tow, tell us again why we are here?" "We have no supplies or food to manage with, what shall we do"? These questions were difficult to Twi-Tow because the only reason he had was that they must save their forest from destruction from a war with Rivital.
"Silence all!" said Twi-tow in a hushed voice. "We dare not disturb the residents of Rivital at their morning service."
Peeking through the trees the elves saw a beautiful service before them. They saw many smiling faces, and heard much laughter. It was so unlike their existence under Ipswitch, it was warm and friendly and they wondered where all the deceit was that Ipswitch spoke of, where the upheaval was. There appeared to be rejoicing and gaiety.
There was no ruler standing on stumps yelling at the Garus, or the Black Midgeons. These elves had been known to destroy entire villages and forests without losing one single elf. Now, they appeared to be serene and calm, almost rejoicing. Suddenly like a feather floating on air, there appeared Tari!

"It's her!" said Twi-Tow in a whisper. It is she, Tari, our beloved!" She lives, and dwells with the Black Midgeons, and Garus. Oh, this is wonderful." exclaimed Twi-Two. Just then Tari spoke to the elves of Rivital.
"Good morning, all" said Tari in her tiny voice. Her voice was that of a song bird, chirping happily in the morning sun. "As you know, the Moonfest is but a mere 2 days away." She continued: "It will be a most joyful celebration this month, since the Garus are now attending for the very first time ever." The crowd of elves stood and applauded. There was much to celebrate as the Garus had not attended the Black Midgeons moonfest, which was held monthly during the full moon, and lasting 4 days of that cycle. They had not attended ever!

"Oh dear no!" Said Boben, the Garus will be in attendance, what will we do?" "We must tell Ipswitch that he cannot attack Rivital, not now or ever!" said Twi-tow. "We cannot, he will have us banished if he knew we were here in Rivital." cried Natala. "What are we going to do?" she said. After much thought and silence the elves decided they had but one choice they must find a way to approach Tari, and let her know of Ipswitch's plan. Tari was generous and understanding, she would not let her former friends perish, under the greed of Ipswitch. So they set out to find a moment to tell Tari the plan.

Part 4 Quest to tell Tari

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