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Quest to tell Tari by Lady Vixen©

Part 4...Quest to tell Tari

The elves decided that the best way to go un-noticed was to leave most of the elves behind under the watchful eyes of Benbo, and Suri and Mimarack. This would allow Twi-Tow, and Natala, to slip inside of Tari's realm quietly. On rising the next morning, they were ready to find Tari, and let her know of Ipswitch's plans. As they said good-bye to their trusted friends, they left on this note: "If we do not return by sunset, return to the forests of Ipswitch, and tell all the other elves what has happened. " said Twi-Two. He nodded to them, and they nodded in response.
Twi-Tow and Natala, set out to find Tari.

They wandered around for what seemed like hours, and decided to rest. After only a few minutes, they heard voices and became frightened. "Shhhhh!" said Twi- Tow, we mustn't be seen or heard". The voices seemed to be coming from the north, and beyond the trees they were resting under. They quickly jumped up, and scurried to a nearby oak tree, where they hid quietly. "We must stay here, until they have gone" said Twi-Tow. Listening very carefully, they overheard several elves talking of the upcoming Moonfest. "We shall see what all the fuss is over now," said one. Twi-Tow assumed that the elf must be a Garu. "Why for all these many years, we have not attended and now we will." "That is a rather good change indeed" said another elf. "Tari has brought peace among us, and now we believe in Rivital as the harmony of the forests." said the elf. "Let us go now, and finish our preparations for the moonfest, as I have gathered many berries today, and need to rest." said another elf.
With that, Twi-Tow and Natala, slipped out from neath the oak tree, and began following the other elves back into Rivital. There was much commotion going on in the clearing of Rivital, and Twi-tow and Natala, quietly blended into the crowd. They listened carefully but did not speak, for their dialect was not of Rivital but of Riversend. They continued following the other elves into a dark corner of the forest shaded by trees. As they looked up, they saw a beautiful dome. It was a deep amethyst color, and glittered in the sun. "Ahh, what a beautiful site," said Natala. "Indeed" said Twi-Two. "This must be it, this must be where Tari is" said Twi-Two. "It is so beautiful like our beloved Tari" said Twi- Two to Natala. "Should we go in?" said Natala. "We must" replied Twi-two. And with that, the 2 elves from Riversend, approached the amethyst dome, and peeked inside. A small golden door was closed but the window within the door was clear to see inside the dome. There was Tari, sitting quietly at a table, having some tea. Twi-tow and Natala whispered among themselves quietly as to whether to knock or not. But it was too late, Tari heard their voices outside the door, and opened it. Standing before Twi-tow and Natala was the beautiful Tari.

Part 5 Tari