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Poltoy's Recovery and travels

Poltoy Recovers

After several days, it seems that Poltoy is doing much better. I realize how stubborn and proud he is, but nonetheless he thanks me for my help. After much persuading he agrees to come back to Spawlet with me.
After packing his things, mostly clothes, books and keepsakes, we are ready for the trip.
"Mimarack, thank you so much for the new shoes. They feel wonderful" he says.
"Poltoy, thank you for everything" I reply.
We move his things out of his house, and lock up securely. Poltoys closest neighbor is Winsom. Winsom is also an elder elf, and will look after Poltoy's place.
We load everything onto Whisper, and make the journey to Spawlet. We catch up on time spent apart, and Poltoy is full of "cobbler" questions. I laugh, and we chat about when he was a cobbler. We also talk of his illness, and he explains that when he ate the poison berries, he became ill immediately. He did not have time to summon anyone, as he was too ill. I tell him about the Chestnut roast, and the treasure hunt. He seems excited about it. Before we know it, we see the familiar bank, and stop.
Upon arriving in Spawlet I was amazed to see several elves camped out near my workshop. They were all in need of shoe repairs and some needed new boots. Poltoy and I quickly opened the shop, and got right to work. Before long, we had finished all the shoes, and made 2 new pair of boots. We did not speak of the tools. I saved the old boots, and placed them on the shelf next the first pair I had received. We closed shop, and prepared for supper. After an enjoyable meal, we set out a bit to search for the treasure chest. We searched under knotted roots, large flowers, mushrooms, toadstool but to no avail. We decided to turn in early. Poltoy told me of an elder elf that lived along time ago in Timber Glen. His name was Gibani. He had much wisdom and knew much Elven lore. I was fascinated listening to Poltoy's stories was so pleasant and adventuresome. I felt as if I was in a faraway land, when he told these tales.
After awhile, we grew tired and fell asleep. Tomorrow we shall continue the search.
© by: Lana Stanford and L.C.White

Searching for the treasure chest

Knock to go home