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Searching for the Treasure Chest@ Lady Vixen's ©

Searching for the treasure chest

On this day we arose early and by elven creed, I did not open my workshoppe. It was a day of rest and pleasure. We planned for a grand meal. We gathered walnuts, and many kinds of berries. We were lucky to run across some cranberries.

We picked mint sprigs and gathered herbs for a special soup Poltoy was making. We decided to dine outdoors since the autumn weather was upon us. We listened to the birds singing and wondered how much longer we would get to enjoy their songs. With winter approaching soon, we knew they would not be here again until next spring. Poltoy played his flute, and it was a magical sound.
We then decided to set out to find the treasure chest. Several other elves were also looking for it. I asked some of them if anyone had any clues yet. One elf told me of a golden feather that was found underneath, a small plant.I thought that strange, what did it mean?
Poltoy had an idea. "Mimarack, let us camp in the forest tonight, then we will have much more time to search" he said with anticipation.
I thought it to be a grand idea, and so we began packing our knapsacks.
Oh, the forest is so beautiful this time of year. The leaves are turning now, and they are a marvelous sight. We searched until dusk, and decided that we should have an early meal, and get some sleep.
Rising early, we started our search again. Poltoy thought the golden feather meant that the treasure chest could be near a birds nest. However, upon looking all about, there was no way to reach or climb up to the nests. We decided that it must have another meaning. We thought of birds on the water, so we decided to walk down to the creek and look there. We made our way to Blitton creek, and searched along the banks. As I was leaning over, I saw a golden leaf!
"Poltoy, I have found a clue, it is a golden leaf" I shouted. "So it is, now what could that mean" he pondered.
We decided to break for some lunch, and unpacked some of the nuts and berries from our knapsacks, and drank the cool water from the creek. After a nice rest, we saw several leaves bright orange and red floating in the creek. "Poltoy, let's catch some and ride along the creek" I said excitedly.
"Oh, Mimarack, I am much too old for those things" he responded.
"Oh, come on Poltoy, it is days of yore" I teased.
"Oh, alright Mimarack because you want to so badly, I will" he said resigning to the fact.
We took our shoes of and stored them in our knapsacks, and caught two large leaves, and hopped aboard. Once on the water, we floated swiftly down the creek. We became giddy, and laughed. We dipped our feet into the water, and splashed about.
Like Elven children we laughed and floated along until we saw a bank nearby, and paddled towards it. We leapt off of the leaves to dry land.
"What an adventure" I said. "Mimarack, thank you for suggesting that, I haven't felt that good in years" Poltoy said sincerely.
Once on the bank, we began our search again. We saw several ducks floating by, and noticed a large pile of leaves that they were using for nesting.
Poltoy went over to get a closer look. The leaves were so beautiful, and shiny.
Poltoy, reached into his knapsack, and took out some wild berries, and put them on the ground near the ducks. Ducks in the forests of Tari, are not afraid of elves. They do not fly away when we approach them. In olden days ducks would carry messages to other elves in the forest.
The ducks scurried towards the berries, and Poltoy examined the leaves.
After rustling the leaves a bit, he saw a chest which was filled with shiny golden baubles, and jewels underneath.
"Mimarack, I have found it! I have found it!" he said jumping up and down. He was so excited, he was dancing in a circle. "Poltoy, I think you have just found your retirement" I said with joy. We both laughed, and Poltoy started to cry. "Mimarack, if it weren't for you, I would be lying in my bed still sick or dying. My house would be a shambles, and I would never have found this chest" he said tearfully.
"Poltoy, you were supposed to find the chest, it was meant for you" I told him.
He took the some of the golden baubles out, and there was gold dust underneath!He was most excited about this, it was an added surprise.
We made our way back to my home. The forest was especially beautiful, and we were enjoying the day immensely.
We finally reached my home, and went inside for a needed rest.
It was nearly dusk now, and we decided to stay up late and read some of Poltoy's books. We lit a candle in the main room, and drank elderberry tea, into the wee hours of the night. Poltoy, was so interesting to listen to. He read of the Elven warriors of olden times. The adventures they had encountered and how Auberdale came to be.
It was a wonderful day!
*Note, these writings are on an ongoing basis.
© by: Lana Stanford and L.C. White

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