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Preparing for the Fall Festival by Lady Vixen ©

Preparing for the Fall Festival

Poltoy and I are busy planning for the fall festival. We have a good start on our berries and nuts, and have several ready to store for winter. Business has been good so far. I have mended many pairs of shoes and boots, and crafted many new ones. Poltoy has tucked his treasure chest away for now. He will announce his finding at the Fall Festival. I am excited to know of the guest speaker. It should be a nice surprise. I have nominated Poltoy for the purple amethyst award. After all this time he has a special place in my heart. Poltoy called me his son the other day while he was chatting with some of the Elven Elders. I felt very proud.
Tari has sent word throughout the forest, that the treasure chest has been found, although not revealing who has found it. The fall festival is one of the grandest of celebrations. It is a time of harvest and kinship. During times like these Tari sets up inns throughout the forest. This is to ensure that all the elves attend. Some of the elves live deeper in the forests than others, and the traveling may be quite a journey. In some cases, as much as 3 days. The inns will stay open for any elves needing a place to sleep, until all the elves have returned safely to their homes. The fall festival lasts 2 days and 2 nights. The first night is really a preparation, all the elves bring their carts of berries and nuts and other things to the Glen or clearing of choice. This year it is to be held in the Twilight clearing in Timber Glen. It is one of the nicer spots in all the forests of Tari.
Poltoy is busy with his writings. He will not tell me what he is writing about just yet, as he says it is work in progress. He has taught me how to grow many new things in the garden, and although we will not have much of a fall crop this year, he did bring several herbal plants with him. Come spring though we will have a wonderful garden to feast on.
Poltoy has gotten word from Gilbani that his yard is over run with weeds, and squirrels, and rabbits. They have eaten some of his garden. Poltoy has sent word to Gilbani to harvest everything remaining in the garden and to keep it for himself. He is very concerned about this although I try to reassure him.
I can only hope that he doesn't plan to leave, as I have gotten very used to him being here with me. He has become like a father to me.
Poltoy continues his writings daily. We spend the evenings reading or talking. Some nights we gather berries and nuts and other food.
Poltoy has shown me a much better way to dry and store the berries for winter. He wraps them in fallen leaves, and places them near the fire. Just for a moment until the leaves wrap nicely around the berries. He then takes a small wooden crate and lines it with straw. Placing the berries wrapped in the leaves inside, he tucks the straw all around. This preserves them nicely.
He does the same for the nuts. I am sure this will prove to be a better storage system. He also told me that it would be better to store them in the workshoppe to keep them cool.
We have loaded our carts and knapsacks and are ready to set out for the Fall Festival.
© by: Lana Stanford and L.C. White

The Fall Festival