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Mimarack's Writings & Travels @ Lady Vixen's ©

Mimarack's Writings & travels.

On this day,I found a small pebble lodged in the sole of my shoe. I tried to remove the pebble but found it hard to unlodge. I pulled harder at the pesty thing, but tore the sole of my shoe. "Peetles" I said aloud.
I thought to myself, this is not my day! I sat down under a small toadstool to rest and try to repair my shoe. I found a thick green leaf, and stuck it inside my shoe, so that I would not get anything else in there. I have decided that I will learn to be a cobbler. This has made me realize that we need one badly here, in Spawlet. Although we are one forest with sub forests, it is still a rather long journey to travel to Auberdale, to find a cobbler. We need one here in Spawlet. Indeed, I will learn.

On this day, I am very excited. I have gotten word that there is an Elder elf in Auberdale, who is a cobbler, but has decided to retire. He has sent word with one of the elves from there, that he will trade his tools, for some much needed work on his home. I have decided to travel to Auberdale, and take him up on his offer. Indeed this is a good day.

On this day, I arise early, and gather berries, for my trip to Auberdale. I place them in a small leather sack, and then fill another knapsack with 2 scoops of nuts, and 1 scoop of dried fruit. I also fill my flask with cool water for the trip. I also pack an extra pair of shoes, since the other ones have that hole in them, and are not good for traveling. As I get my walking stick down, I notice the tattered map of Auberdale and take it along as well. Off to Auberdale.

After walking many miles, I am feeling tired and hungry.
I spot a cool brook babbling in the distance and decide to rest on one of the rocks near the embankment. It is cool here, and peaceful. I eat some of the berries, and some nuts. The cool water is delicious. I also re-fill my flask for the rest of the journey. I see a small group of lady bugs, and grasshoppers in the clearing just ahead, and they seem to be enjoying each other's company.
I lay back for a bit, under a nice oak tree and take a nap. I am awakened by some noisy chirping birds overhead in the tall trees, but it is just as well, as I am setting out to Auberdale once again.

The sun is setting now, I must be getting close. I see the signpost up ahead, and it is rather battered, but it says "Welcome to Auberdale", which is a sight for sore eyes.I notice a large statue in the center of this clearing, I go over to get a better view.The plaque underneath reads:
Elven King Auberdale.
I continue on, until I spot several elves chatting neath an old tree stump. "Hello, and greetings" the elves say to me. "Greetings, I am looking for the old cobbler, who is in need of work for his home, can you tell me where to find him"?
"Yes, traveler, but where have you come from"? asks one of the other elves. "I have traveled from Spawlet." I reply.
"Spawlet"? That is quite a distance, and all of this to have your shoes repaired"?
After chatting with the elves for a bit, I set out to find the cobbler's home, and get to know him. There isn't lodging in Auberdale, so I must ask if I can stay with him, until I am finished with my work. I will also inquire about the tools, and how to get them back to Spawlet.

I approach the cobbler's door, and notice that the repairs needed here are worse than I had thought. I knock on the door, and an Elven elder appears, and asks "what is your business here"?
"I have come from Spawlet to repair your home in exchange for your cobbler's tools" I reply.
"Ah, welcome, do come in". said the elder.
"As you can see, I am in need of many repairs" he continues.
"Yes, may I ask your name"? I say gently.
"My name is Poltoy, and yours"?
"I am Mimarack"
The old cobbler shows me around his home, and we examine the extent of the repairs. He leads me to a dusty room, in the back of his home, where there are many things stored there. He then takes me outside, to an olde shoppe, that used to be his cobbler's shoppe. It is dark and dusty, but full of cobbler's tools. They look to be of excellent quality. He begins to talk of his younger days, when he would have as many as 12 pairs of shoes to repair. He explains that he simply cannot keep up the work now, and has decided to retire. He does not wish to, but feels he has no choice. He then explains the need for a cobbler in Auberdale. However, I explain that Spawlet needs one more so than Auberdale, and therefore I must return home with the tools, and he reluctantly agrees. It has started to get late, and we go back into the house for supper.
I arise early on this day, and Poltoy and I dismantle a wall with a run down drainage system that has been leaking. It seemed to be the most pressing of his problems.
As time passes I grow very fond of Poltoy, he has much wisdom, and he is easy to talk to. He has become a great companion.
After several weeks, the work is almost finished. The final touches will be painting his dwelling with the sap from an old oak bark. He feels that the fresh paint will brighten the place up a bit, and I must admit I agree.
In the evenings we retire to the olde workshop and he shows me the use of the tools. He and I have discussed many things but on this evening he tells me something I never expected to hear.
"Mimarack" he begins, "I have not told you of the origin of these tools". "These tools were given to me by a cobbler that used them for many years, here in Auberdale". "His name was Tibiti". he explained.
Poltoy, and I talked into the night, about the tools. He told me of the magic that Tibiti had bestowed upon the tools, that whomever shall use the tools in good faith, and for the betterment of others, shall be rewarded ten fold. He explained that when Auberdale had become part of Tari's forest, that he felt the time had come for another to use the tools for the good of all the elves. He also said that the tools must be passed onto someone who could be trusted to keep the secret of their origin, and that I must never tell anyone of their magic. I was most excited with this knowledge, and wanted to tell someone, but he warned me that if I did, I would soon fall upon hard times, and grow ill and die.
I vowed not to tell another living soul, until it was time for me to pass them on as well.
I decided that this must be why the tools looked to be brand new.
Tibiti had protected them for many years, and kept their secret. It was a joyful day, indeed!

After awhile Poltoy says we should turn in early for tomorrow will be a long day.
As usual I arise early and we begin painting his home. It comes along nicely and in a matter of 2 days we complete the painting and now celebrate a job well done.
We also celebrate my new venture of becoming a cobbler. Poltoy serves the elderberry wine and small nut crumpets. We feast on tasty sunflower seeds and blueberries as well. Poltoy tells me of a swan that lives in the pond near the forest behind his house. The swan has golden reins, and will take me back to Spawlet. He has named her "Whisper". because she is just that quiet.
We turn in early and prepare for the journey to Spawlet.

Rising even earlier than usual, we pack all the tools together in leather pouches, and small crates.
We walk down to the pond and there is the most beautiful white swan waiting near the banks.Poltoy touches her gently to let her know we will be traveling, and then put the small crates and pouches onto her back, and climb aboard.
We float gently down the pond until we reach a small stream. The stream takes us towards Spawlet. We soon pass by the babbling brook that I had stopped to rest on my journey to Auberdale. After awhile, we reach a shady spot, and stop. Poltoy gathers some morsels and feeds them to Whisper. He asks me how far it is to my home.
"About a half a mile or so from here" I reply.
So Poltoy, takes some leather cords from one of the pouches, and ties the crates together. He then gathers several twigs and ties them with the cords. He makes a make shift cot, and we load the small crates onto the cot, and put the pouches on our shoulders. From here we will both carry the cot to my house.
Chattering all the way, we soon arrive at my home.
I invite Poltoy inside for a cool drink of water. As I expected it had become quite dusty and many pesty unwanted guests had made themselves at home. After resting for awhile, Poltoy offers to help me gather some berries for supper. I had stored a few barrels of nuts and we dine on this modest food, and talk over our travels. I invite Poltoy to stay a few days, but he says "No, Mimarack, it is time for you to begin your cobbler's work, and I must return home." "Indeed I am excited to be going to such a beautiful home, that you helped me restore" he says. I am saddened by his response but I understand. I offer him a token of my appreciation, and I go over to the mantle and pick up the pink bauble that was given to me by our beloved Tari.
I explained to Poltoy how I got the bauble, and now I wanted him to have it. He was overcome with joy, and his eyes filled with tears. "It is a wonderful day, to have such a friend as you, Mimarack" he said. And with that he turned and walked out of the door, as I stood in the doorway to wave him good-bye, I felt my own tears.

Part 2, Mimarack the cobbler
© Lana Stanford and L.C. White

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